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In 2 Corinthians 12:1-10, Paul claims to were snatched into paradise yet then tells how he obtained a ""thorn within the flesh"". Many fresh students contend that Paul belittles ecstatic studies similar to the ascent to paradise. This monograph areas 2 Corinthians 12:1-10 within the contexts of historical ascent traditions in addition to different debts of striking non secular adventure in Paul´s letters, and it engages premodern interpretation of the ascent.

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In contrast large traditional estates that monopolize the land in some countries are wasteful of their natural resources. Where they could modernize or mechanize, they prefer to use low-productivity labour. And when they do modernize, they often displace manpower, which, in a situation of large-scale unemployment, is socially and politically harmful. In the process of modernization of the large estates, the ‘economic efficiency’ of the production unit is hequently valued above the ‘social efficiency’ of the national economic system.

Bringing about another development in Third World countries is even harder. To begin with, it is necessary to circumscribe and demystify the very notion of Third World: the historical experiences of these countries. their relative degree of economic advance and the social and political systems existing in them are extremely varied. The language used is therefore at times highly rhetorical when it alludes to the unity of the Third World. The new approach to development problems starts with the recognition of the diversity of points of departure and of the present phase in the historical process of the underdeveloped countries.

It ia now time to reorient efforts to measure success in development by indicators centred on the ~&ity of& and on equal& in the distribution of goods and services. There has been progress in this field in the United Nations system (in the research efforts and systematizing of UNRISD, for instance), as well as in individual countries. ldicators on wellbeing as accurate as those at present measuring national solvency, the rate of inflation and the rate of growth. Methodological instruments exist for measuring, for example, the rate of inccme concentration (such as the Gini coefficient), nutritional needs and minimum wage-level deficiencies.

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