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By Zhong, Wen

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8) are the most frequently used for textile end uses. They contain zigzag soft chains that are highly aligned and packed closely together, and bonded together by strong intermolecular forces. Nylon fibers are therefore highly crystalline (65–85%) and low in amorphous percentage (15–35%) (Hatch 1993), which account for their high mechanical strength, abrasion resistance and toughness. The presence of the zigzag polymer chains also renders such merits as good elasticity and elastic recovery. 8. , sutures) applications.

10. Polypropylene (PP). 11. Acrylic and modacrylic. Elastomeric fibers have superior elasticity. At room temperature, an elastomeric fiber can be stretched repeatedly to at least twice its original length, and still return to its original length upon release of the force. Spandex fiber is the most widely used elastomeric fiber. 12. The soft segments in the polymer structure usually coil in a relaxed manner. They can be uncoiled to accommodate the stretch and recoiled to restore their original state upon the release of force.

The pitch-based carbon fibers are subdivided as general purpose and high performance fibers. General purpose pitch-based carbon fibers are prepared from high boiling fractions of petroleum feedstocks via melt spinning, while high-performance pitch-based carbon fibers are produced from mesophase (or known as the liquid crystal phase) pitch. Liquid crystals are highly structured and oriented liquids: their molecules flow like liquids, while oriented in a certain way, like crystals (Khoo, 2007). As a result, high-performance pitch-based carbon fibers have high crystallinity and orientation, and therefore have even higher modulus than PAN-based carbon fibers.

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