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By Carl R. Green,William R. Sanford,Gerald Kelley

ISBN-10: 1464503419

ISBN-13: 9781464503412

Imagine you're floating freely during the sky. abruptly, you glance down and spot your physique mendacity a long way less than. you're connected to it via a skinny, silver wire. Is it a dream, or are you having an out-of-body event (OBE)? humans around the world and all through historical past claimed to have had an OBE. They declare to commute with no worry for excellent distances or via partitions. Do such astral voyages actually ensue? Scientists say no, yet many nonetheless think within the paranormal. learn the talk during this booklet for reluctant readers and choose for your self.

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With the wind at his back, a course change would cost him little. He gave the order to steer to the northwest. Three hours later, a lookout spotted a ship wrecked on an iceberg. Quickly, the ship’s boats rescued the stranded crew. Bruce watched as the survivors climbed aboard. One man caught his eye. He felt sure it was the stranger he had seen in the captain’s cabin! At the captain’s request, the man wrote Steer to the Nor’west on the slate. Bruce’s mouth fell open when the captain turned the slate over.

Someone who seeks an OBE must be very relaxed. One good way to calm the mind is to meditate. Find a quiet room and lie back against some pillows. With eyes closed, repeat a special sound over and over. Words like “ommmmm” with lots of m’s seem to work well. Breathe deeply and clear the mind of all but that special sound. Give the process ten or fifteen minutes. Do not be upset if distracting thoughts creep into your mind. This is normal. Resolve to try again the next day. After all, no one learns to play winning tennis the first day out.

Richard Broughton, Parapsychology: The Controversial Science (New York: Ballantine Books, 1991), pp. 249–251. 5. Psychic Voyages, p. 45. Chapter 6: Setting Sail on an Astral Voyage 1. Herbert B. : Doubleday, 1975), pp. 339–340. 2. : Prentice-Hall, 1980), pp. 44–45. Glossary apparition—An unexpected or unusual sight. ” astral body—Another name for the body double. During an OBE, the astral body is said to leave the physical body as it begins its journeys. astral travel—An older name for an OBE. Some psychics claim they can go astral traveling any time they wish.

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