Harry L.Mike Harkins, Jerry Krause's All-purpose Offenses for Men's and Women's Basketball (Art & PDF

By Harry L.Mike Harkins, Jerry Krause

ISBN-10: 0585091102

ISBN-13: 9780585091105

ISBN-10: 1571671404

ISBN-13: 9781571671400

Ebook by way of Harkins, Harry L.Mike, Krause, Jerry

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See Diagram 4-14. (2) passes to (4) at the point and downscreens for (1), who cuts to the wing. (4)'s cut to the point often results in being open, so (4) should catch the ball in an all-purpose position. See Diagram 4-15. Diagram 4-14 Post to Point Diagram 4-15 If (4) does not have a shot, he or she returns the ball to (1)'s side. In that case, (1) may shoot, or pass to (3), coming over the double screen of (2) and (5) to the ballside low post. See Diagram 4-16. If (1) cannot shoot or pass to (3), (1) returns the ball to (4) and restarts the play.

The plan enables a team to keep (5) inside and still run a shuffle-type pattern. Page 53 Chapter 4 A UCLA Continuity This offense consists of a basic UCLA-type continuity with two variations to keep the defense guessing. It is run from a 1-3-1 high-low post set that tends to keep the big players inside. The ideal personnel to run it would have two big inside and three mobile perimeter players. The Basic UCLA Motion Diagram 4-1 shows the point (1) enter the ball to (2), with the wing on the high-post side.

Diagram 2-45 Outside Cut Diagram 2-46 Over the Top Page 40 The final phase of the outside cut options occurs as (4) steps out to screen for (1) on the pick-and-roll option. As this happens, (2) slides away to the opposite wing (Diagram 2-47). The shot options are for (1) if no switch occurs, to (4) on the roll if a defensive switch occurs, and for (2) if X2 cheats to help on (1). The outside cut is especially effective with (1) at the point because the pick and roll is between (1), a primary ball-handler and (4) or (5), primary screeners.

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All-purpose Offenses for Men's and Women's Basketball (Art & Science of Coaching) by Harry L.Mike Harkins, Jerry Krause

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