New PDF release: Air Force Colors, Vol. 2: ETO & MTO European & Mediterranean

By Dana Bell

ISBN-10: 0897471083

ISBN-13: 9780897471084

Paperback with slick coating.
Covers the advance and alertness folks military Air Corps
camouflage markings from the submit WWI time frame to early WWII.
Heavily illustrated with interval black-and-white photographs
and line art.
Each photograph is followed with a close caption.
16 pages containing complete colour insignias, paint scheme variations,
markings and nostril art.
An first-class reference!

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The helmet, with a broad brim dipping to points at front and back, also has a strengthening strip riveted across the skull from front to back. Beneath it the mail coif has an integral padded lining, especially across the shoulders, which appear rather bulky. The fabric covering of the breast plate is glued to the surface of the iron as well as showing numerous small brass rivet heads; it is closed by straps and buckles at the sides. The four iron hoops or lames around and below the waist form a slightly flexible fauld, and are again covered with a layer of cloth.

Note his oddlooking pike-like weapon with S-shaped 'quillons' like a sword. On his left hip is a longbow, and the large bag on his back might contain arrows. (City Archives, Weimar, Germany) G: THE BATTLE 10 OCTOBER 1471 OF BRUNKENBERG, At this battle King Christian of Denmark and Norway was defeated by Swedish forces under the regent Sten Sture. G1: Danish man-at-arms Here a visored form of sallet helmet has the visor lowered; there is no bevor, but the man's throat is protected by a cloth-lined and padded mail colliere which also covers his shoulders.

The wrists of the hauberk are again tightened with leather laces. The great bearskin coat with flap-like sleeves, secured at the front by a rawhide loop and horn toggle, may also have provided additional protection. The plain leather-covered scabbard with iron chape is simply thrust into a plain belt with an iron buckle; the sword has an undecorated iron pommel and quillons and leather-covered grip. The large-bladed iron spear has 'winged' extensions from the socket. The flat wooden buckler with a large iron boss over the fist-grip bar has a single iron reinforcement ring nailed to the front.

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