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By Robert L. Goldstein, Richard T. Cotton

ISBN-10: 0961816139

ISBN-13: 9780961816131

Aerobics teacher guide: The source for team health teachers.

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COTTON, MA VICE PRESIDENT, PUBLICATIONS AMERICAN COUNCIL ON EXERCISE Page xviii PART I SCIENTIFIC FOUNDATIONS Page xx Chapter 1 Exercise Physiology By Christine L. Wells Page 1 In This Chapter Bioenergetics of exercise � Adenosine triphospate (ATP) � The phosphagen system � Aerobic and anaerobic production of ATP � Muscles and metabolism The neuromuscular system � Types of muscular contractions � Muscular response to training The cardiovascular respiratory systems � Carrying, delivering and extracting oxygen � Responses to and benefits of aerobic exercise Environmental considerations � Exercising in the heat � Exercising in the cold � Exercising at high altitudes The versatility of human movement is staggering to consider.

Even so, the immediately available energy for muscle contraction is extremely limitedsufficient for only a few seconds of muscular work. Therefore, ATP must be continuously resynthesized to sustain muscular contraction for more than a few seconds. ATP can be resynthesized in several waysimmediately with the phosphagen system, somewhat more slowly with the anaerobic production of ATP from carbohydrate, or still more slowly with the aerobic production of ATP from either carbohydrate or fat. The Phosphagen System.

If, on the other hand, short-duration, high-intensity exercise like interval training is pursued, other metabolic pathways will be emphasized, enhancing the capabilities of the FT fibers to perform anaerobically. ST fibers will be less responsive to this kind of training. It is important for physical fitness professionals to have a thorough understanding of the different metabolic systems in order to prescribe specific exercise programs that will enable participants to achieve desired results. As discussed, exercise intensity and duration is directly related to the continuum of metabolic pathways and movement patterns.

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