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It has been suggested (Cristofalo and Kritchevsky, 1969a; Schneider and Schorr, 1975) that since RNA and protein synthesis increase as cells progress through the cell cycle, terminating in a 2-fold increase prior to cell division, the increased cell cycle times of senescent cells might result in an accumulation of these macromolecules. The specific activity of tRNA methylase has been found to decrease gradually with in vitro age in h u m a n embryonic fibroblasts from lung and skin (Lin and Chang, 1979).

1980). Histone-chromatin complexes dissociate less readily in old fi- 34 VINCENT J. CRISTOFALO AND BETZABE M. STANULIS-PRAEGER broblasts t h a n in young (Evans, 1976). The error level for misincorporation of methionine into histone 1 of MRC-5 fibroblasts was higher in old cells t h a n in young cells, whereas the complexity of H I polypeptide chains increased with age (Buchanan and Stevens, 1978). , 1979). Age-associated alterations in the incorporation of radioactively labeled amino acids into histone and nonhistone chromosomal proteins in h u m a n diploid fibroblasts were found in both the log and stationary phases of growth but were less pronounced during growth arrest (DellOrco et al, 1978).

1976a) and Suzuki et al. (1980) have reported normal strand rejoining of X-ray-induced single-strand breaks in DNA in terminally senescent WI-38 cells and in cultured progeria cells, but the molecular size of DNA seemed to be smaller in old cells. , 1979a,b) both in vitro and in vivo. A reduction in mutagen-induced exchanges was found in middle and late passage IMR-90 and WI-38 cells, in fibroblasts from old donors, and in mouse and rat bone marrow and spleen cells in vivo, but baseline levels were not affected by aging in any system.

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