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See Table 2 and Fig. 3. (4) 24 Advanced Materials and Engineering Applications Table 2 Equivalent heights and their functional coefficients (units of [mm]) r Eq. 06038 Fig. 3 Fitting cures of equivalent heights corresponding to functions in Table 2. 4 Modeling of contact angle Considering the flaw of Jurin formula, equivalent height function H(r) is introduced into contact angle model: 2σ cos θ = ρgh[h + H (r )] , r here parameters of H(r) corresponding to given material systems, Table 2. 25[mm] on the methods introduced above produced the measurements of liquid column heights, just as recorded in Table 3.

Such a strategy can bring more flexibility in engineering practices. Numerical simulations verified such an assembled bender. Acknowledgements This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (11172037). References [1] [2] [3] [4] J. B. Pendry, D. Schurig and D. R. Smith, Science 312, 1780 (2006). U. Leonhardt, Science 312, 1777 (2006). A. Greenleaf, M. Lassas and G. Uhlmann, Math. Res. Lett. 10, 685 (2003). D. Schurig, J. J. Mock, B. J. Justice, S. A. Cummer, J. B. Pendry, A.

A non-isothermal transformation assuming mixed nucleation, interface-controlled growth and impingement due to randomly nuclei can be given as (substitution of Eq. (1) into Eq. (2a)), ( f = 1 − exp − K 0 n exp ( − nQ ( RT ) ) α n ) (4) Substitution explicit expressions for n(T), Q(T) and K0(T) into Eq. (4), after some treatment, the following is obtained [6]: ( ( ) ) df dt = Φ(1 − f )(− ln (1 − f )) nQ RT 2 + 2n T = h(T ) g ( f ) (5) It can be concluded that Eq. (5) complies with Eq. (4). That is to say, the additivity rule is compatible with analytical model assuming mixed nucleation.

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