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By John A. Love

ISBN-10: 1849950806

ISBN-13: 9781849950800

This is a much-needed replace on a pioneering and celebrated reintroduction undertaking, in addition to crucial historical past and an target precis of its justification and importance in international conservation phrases. it's very a lot a private account, instead of a systematic method, deriving a lot from the author’s personal stories and researches, and liberally illustrated typically through the author’s photos and drawings.

This intimate account, usually first-hand, tells all that has occurred because the reintroduction of the white-tailed sea eagle first all started and precisely how its successes over the next 3 and a part a long time have bought such around the world popularity and acclaim. The booklet encompasses a category of the eagles and their folklore and knowledge approximately their background, distribution and biology.

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Whatsoever person or persones shall slay the earne or eagle, shall have of the bailzie [officer of justice] of the parochine [parish] qr it shall happen him to slay the earne or eagle, 8d for every rick [corn stack] within the parochine, except of the cottars who has not sheep; and 20 s to ilk persone for ilk earne’s nest it shall happen him to harrie. Similarly (Venables and Venables 1955) in Shetland: . . are many ravenous Fowls, as Eagles, Ravens and Crows. In old times they so multiplied that the Fourde or Sheriff made an Act that whosoever at ye Head-Court brought in an Eagle’s head, from each having sheep in that pasture he should have a merk .

Apparently, in the eye of a raptor, the sensory cells tend to be concentrated in the upper hemisphere of the retina so that, as an eagle flies, images from below can be perceived more clearly. When perched and wishing to engage an object on the same plane, however, an eagle might risk all dignity by turning its head almost completely upside down, focussing with a penetrating but distinctly quizzical stare. Many raptors such as eagles are unusual in possessing two foveas; we have only one. ) Finally, oxygen is fed to a bird’s retina not via blood vessels, as is the case in humans and The talons of a Sea Eagle (left) and Golden Eagle most other mammals and which can reduce visual acuity, but by means of a complex flap of folded tissue called the pecten, a feature that is especially well-developed in raptors.

My own experience of the Bald Eagle in Nova Scotia, British Columbia and California suggested it might be slightly shorter and narrower in the wing, with a longer but less pronounced wedge-shaped tail than the White-tailed Sea Eagle. Whilst the body plumage of the latter is normally described as brown, its head and neck can appear conspicuously pale, at times almost white. Some individuals can be surprisingly pale all over – ‘a fine silvery white, without the slightest admixture of brown,’ as Charles St.

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