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By SAID,Mark S. Burrows

ISBN-10: 1612613675

ISBN-13: 9781612613673

SAID's ninety nine Psalms are poems of compliment and lament, of wondering and considering. within the culture of the Hebrew psalmist, they locate their voice in exile, accordingly one who is either existential and geographical. His choice to incorporate ninety nine during this assortment recollects the traditional Muslim culture that ascribes ninety nine names to Allah, notwithstanding the "lord" whom this psalmist addresses isn't really bounded via this or the other spiritual culture. As psalms that flip to the "lord" with a lover's vulnerability, they steer clear of each hint of sentimentality. really, they search to open us to the secret of human lifestyles, caution us of the problems we are facing in our makes an attempt to dwell peaceably jointly in the course of our differences."These psalms sound the pressing desire for revelation, implying a powerful corrective to our sleek fabric lifestyles. it's a pleasure to witness the imaginative and prescient of such an arresting poet. it is a e-book to savor."-Maurice Manning, recipient of the 2009 Hanes Poetry Award from the Fellowship of...

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I am also grateful, finally, for the circle of friends whose unswerving love and support over the last year have been a gift of saving grace, above all John Ohlson, Ulrich Wippermann, Mary Catherine Bateson, Carl Scovel, Robert Jonas, and John Haule. Each knows the depth of my gratitude for the ways they embody what it means to “wait for a new light” [78] and thus tend the precious gift of friendship. Those who write know that this work, shaped in the matrix of solitude, depends on this gift above all others.

22, with cries for help against the ravaging dogs, the hungry lion, and wild oxen. [31] The image is reminiscent of the Passover Seder, the meal commemorating the delivery from slavery in Egypt; during that meal, a place is traditionally set at the table and the door to the room left ajar as a reminder of the hope for Elijah's return. [51] The psalmist here envisions himself in the role Muhammad occupies in Islam as the “messenger” of Allah. Here, however, he seems to be the bearer of the message as well as its interpreter.

Given the echoes they have stirred in the literature and art of many cultures, they also come to life as poems, spreading their influence beyond the boundaries of religious institutions and their traditions. Could the same be said of SAID's psalms? It seems unlikely that any would ever be used as hymns given the bluntness of their language. But it is surely imaginable that his psalms—offering as poems what Robert Frost once called “a momentary stay against confusion”6—might function in the role the Psalter has long played in giving voice to people's fears and hopes.

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