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The Athenian Agora: Excavationsof 1980-1982," Hesperia53 (pp. 1-57), 1984, p. 31, pi. 8:b; some wear e-E e-E e-E 3-0 - worn The discoveryof this subaeratecounterfeitin a sanctuaryimpliesthat it was dedicatedthere as a privateofferingand/or to remove it from circulation,like the counterfeitcoins mentioned in 4th-centuryAkropolisinventoriesand the plated imitationslike 160andp that upon detectionwere cut and depositedin the Metroon;p. 9 above. 19 CATALOGUE DIOBOL OR TRIHEMIOBOL73 Similar. T-1498 *12A 11 / [AeE] Two owls stg.

4 Seltman, p. 158, pl. IV:v;Sv. 60 *a A-265 *b E-545 DIDRACHM-STATER Bull's head facing. 67 Seltman, nos. 69-71, 81; Sv. 35-37 Hopper, p. 27, no. 3: "Reverse[die] isolated. " Similar. The weightsrecordedhere for , 3a, 4a, and 5 correctthe slighdydifferentfiguresgiven for these coinsin Hopper, p. 25, note 1. 8 17 CATALOGUE ca. C. , wearing Attic helmet. *6 NN-934 [AeE] Owl stg. , facing; behind, olive spray. Seltman, p. 192, pi. XXII:v (Group H)69 AeE Owl stg. , facing; behind, olive spray. Seltman, nos.

Postalakas,<>, EyApX 1884, pp. 1-20, pls. 1 and 2. 179 varieties are illustratedon Sv. pl. 18. 4 E. S. G. Robinson,"SomeProblemsin the Later Fifth Century Coinage of Athens,"ANSMN 9, 1960 (pp. 1-15), in 6-8. M. Greek Bronze Essays Robinson, Price, "Early Coinage," (pp. 90-104), p. 100. pp. 5 See pls. pls. 100-102; CrosbyinAgoraX,pp. 76-82, 19-31; Rhodes,pp. 711-712, 731; KroU1977,pp. , 40. pl. 6 P. , Oxford 1918, pp. 296-297; T. Reinach, "Kollybos,"RN, ser. 4, 31, 1928 (pp. 145-160), p.

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