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By Charles Edward Barns

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6. a=O'l32. 7y. A2 HI205 091651 Neb. Oval, lambent, with clear nucleus REPORTING DISCOVERIES. 1-some unaccustomed star or puzzling atom of Itght 1D any regIOn of the heavens-consult 1 0ur star-map or other authority at once. If this gives you no clew, do not hesitate to apply without delay to your nearest astronomical station,_Eiving as accurate data as possible. and await instructions. Have no fear that your query or information will go unregarded. Professional astronomers are too often beholden to laymen for the discovery of new celestial wonders; and while a score of chances to one your sudden "find" will ~id~ef;c:a:ea;~i/rth~sufil~~:r~~~o~~c~l:,ofo~d s~dg:~s n~~~ ~vror~~: grom comet, as scores of signal instances attest.

074, which corresponds to a distance of forty-four light-years, plus. But recently the parallax measurements of all the brighter stars have undergone revision by ever-more intricate methods, so that with this one star we have no less than nine estimates, each differing from the others by sundry light-years from forty-four to two hundred and twen· ty! ] perfection of method. >Ii~hed to the world, than a corps of revisionists set to work brlllgl11g it up to the minute in the light of new discoveries, new deductions and new theories.

XIV CHART 14. A CULMINATI0'l' f'. M •• MAY 30 U XIII RSA MINOR: Chart 14-A T 133273 Var. 4. 315d . 8. 70". Commanding' URSA MAJOR: Magnitud" end Symbols:. TO• 70' *6~7. " 60· 30' ~. , Page 21 The march of progress in the elimination of errors in celestial measurements has been amazing. The star-places of the Greeks were within a possible ten minutes of arc-one-third the diameter of the moon. -Tycho Brahe·s errors in measuring neighboring stars approximated one minute. lVlodern micrometric measures are in error only about one-tenth of a second.

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