We, at MetrixLine, believe in the power of increasing Business Value using the philosophy of data intelligence driven decision-making in corporate management. MetrixLine vision is to arm each manager with the right information at the right time, as they take strategic and operational decisions.

Our products and solutions focus on Metric Intelligence Management within the enterprise. Our endeavor is to improve the effectiveness of decision making which benefits Corporate Revenues and Spend. MetrixLine diligently works to bring the intelligence hidden in disparate data stores around the enterprise into desktops and making Managers more effective, faster and relevant in decision making. Along with related information and analytical tools, our products also provide a unique analytics and benchmarking service that helps managers track issues, trends and possible risks on an ongoing basis.

We are passionate about working with clients in this forward-looking approach to management, enabling timely decisions focused on value creation.


Established in 1989, TopSource started as a supplier specializing in producing general garment supplies. Our products include woven label, paper product, printed plastic badge, soft PVC badge, PU/ leather patch, woven tape……. and etc. Recently, with the success of the launch of several gift items such as the popular mobile phone string and staff ID necklace (Lanyards) to meet the demand from the market and our clients, TopSource is also engaged in the production of gift items.

TopSource has a staff force of 30 in Hong Kong and over 600 employees in three joint-venture plants in China. For many years, TopSource has been an active supplier of garment supplies in both local and overseas markets in SE Asia, Europe and America, TopSource is now the appointed supplier of accessories for a number of brand garments in different countries in those markets.

Gift items produced by TopSource are in exceptionally high demand for their value not only as souvenirs but also their immense advertising effect for our clients. With thorough experience in manufacturing and import / export as well as the backup of rich resources in financing, sourcing, designing and quality control, TopSource has, in a short span of time, already taken up a stack in the gifts business. Clients for our gift items come from various sources, including different government departments in HK, SE Asia, Europe and America.

To meet the diversified demands from our clients, we are actively designing a number of new products, among them PVC telephone stands, shoelaces, luggage tapes, spectacle holders, dog straps, hair accessories, bead products and fashion accessories, to quote just a few. We also accept OEM orders.

SightBOX Studios

At SightBOX Studios we like to “think inside the box” – our box that is. If you’re looking for a vision or mission statement–we don’t have one. We simply love to design and inspire others while doing so.


US Subsidiary of CSE Co., Ltd. in Japan, a leading security solutions provider. Focused on providing SECUREMATRIX, enterprise-class security and authentication solutions. Local staff provides customer support to US customers. CSE Co., Ltd. founded in1971, CUREMATRIX launched in 2002. SECUREMATRIX has over 500,000 users and has been deployed at many Fortune 500 customers

JWay Group, Inc.

JWay Group, Inc., an 18+-year-old San Jose, CA based company that provides Web and mobile consulting and applications development services to leading enterprise clients in Silicon Valley.